EMDR training is specifically organized and offered to mental health professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers) with license to practice in their home country as well as completed psychotherapeutic training in other well established approaches. All candidate trainees are expected to have psychotherapeutic experience.

The EMDR training program is recognized by EMDR-Europe (of which EMDR-Hellas is a member) if the program is taught and coordinated by a EMDR-Europe accredited Trainer. Each training has a particular content and duration.

In Greece there are three centers for training in EMDR psychotherapy:

The Institute for Traumatherapy www.travmatotherapeia.com with Domna Ventouratou as the EMDR-Europe Accredited trainer.

The International Trauma Center www.emdr.gr with Dr. Udi Oren, president of EMDR-Europe Accredited trainer and Tessa Prattou as EMDR-Europe Accredited consultant.

The Non Profit Organization TACT HELLAS (Training and Consultation Today in Hellas (Training and Consultation Today in Hellas www.tacthellas.οrg with Penny Papanikolopoulou as coordinator of trainings.

After the completion of the training the trainee has the opportunity to acquire the title of EMDR-Εurope Accredited practioner after completing a required number of EMDR sessions under supervision.

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