"I look forward to joining you all at the EMDR Conference in Edinburgh. 2014 marks 25 years since the publication of my initial randomized study. Since that time, the contributions of the clinicians and researchers of EMDR Europe have been invaluable in bringing EMDR therapy to the forefront of trauma treatment worldwide", Francine Shapiro.

Submission Documents Required:

  • Curriculum Vitae for each presenter
  • Biographical Sketch for each presenter
  • Submission Statement indicating what is new, unique, and/or innovative about the material you wish to present
  • Abstract (limited to 250 words)
  • Learning Objectives (at least 3, no more than 5)

Guideline Instruction for Authors:

  1. All abstracts will be subjected to peer-review by members of the EMDR Europe Conference Scientific Committee. The membership of the Scientific Committee is listed in Appendix 1.
  2. Submissions are encouraged to be sent electronically through the conference website.
  3. Incorrect or incomplete submissions will not be considered by the Scientific Committee until they are complete and definitive.
  4. Abstracts may be submitted on any of the EMDR Europe Conference Scientific themed areas listed below in Section B, Part 5.
  5. All abstracts must be submitted in English.
  6. Acceptance of abstracts will be based upon both their scientific and technical qualities and the clarity of presentation.
  7. Authors are requested to indicate a preference for a specific type of presentation (Symposia, Workshop or Poster). Guidelines for both Oral and Poster presentations will be sent upon acceptance for inclusion within the EMDR Europe Edinburgh 2014 Conference Programme.
  8. Please note that on behalf of the EMDR Europe Scientific Conference Committee it may not be possible to accept all qualified abstracts for oral presentation.
  9. The submission of an abstract, including all relevant parties (co-presenters) connected with the abstract, does not constitute registration for the conference. Registration requires completion of the appropriate registration form and arrangements for the payments of fees.
  10. An individual submitting their proposal agrees that all work presented at the EMDR-Europe Conference must conform to discipline-appropriate national or professional ethical standards. Confirmation of adherence to this requirement is part of the proposal submission process.
  11. Presenters must to agree to their presentation being made available to the Francine Shapiro Library Archive post conference. 

Deadline for submission

The deadline for submission is: 13th January 2014

Electronic submission is encouraged however for those with a special need a paper version may be sent to:

Dr Derek Farrell
CPsychol, PhD, CSi, AFBPsS
Senior Lecturer in Psychology
University of Worcester
Psychological Sciences
Henwick Grove
Worcester WR2 6AJ

Tel: 01905 542443
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Notification of Acceptance will be made by 13th March 2014

Please Visit Conference's Website: CLICK HERE.

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