The European EMDR Conference that will take place in Madrid in 2012, will share with EMDR Therapy the integrative spirit that characterizes it. This integration will cover many aspects such as culture, countries, orientations, and research, converging in a common meeting point: the various pathways of the mind in the healing of trauma.

To do this, we are in negotiations with the major European associations related to trauma: the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation (ESTD) and the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ESTSS), so they can participate in this event.

We want to walk through the “healing pathways” to review studies and approaches. We will try to see from different perspectives the networks on which traumatic symptomatology is built. Therapists from different orientations will present different approaches, looking for common ground and empowerment among theoretical frames and disciplines. Mind and brain will integrate through the analysis of the neurobiology of emotion. Body and mind will integrate through different points of view that will analyze psychosomatic pathologies, the sensorimotor components of trauma, and the work at a physical level from the EMDR perspective.  Thus, we will try to integrate EMDR’s recent contributions within a broad framework of knowledge in trauma and dissociation.

A central element in this Conference is the practical and experiential aspect. Through experiential workshops, we try to introduce an essential aspect in EMDR and in every other therapeutic approach that works in direct contact with traumatic experiences: the therapist’s self-care and the exploration of our own experiences as resources or obstacles in the creation of a productive and enriching therapeutic relationship. In addition, we will encourage the presentation of videos and clinical examples that will help translate the acquired knowledge into daily practice.

The presentations will cover various areas in psychopathology, going beyond PTSD, for which EMDR has been recognized as one of the choice therapies en various international clinical guidelines. A variety of clinical pictures, severe mental disorders, psychosomatic pathologies, severe traumatization and attachment problems, intervention with children, and many other problems will be addressed in the context of psycho-traumatology and the Adaptive Information Processing model on which EMDR therapy is based. 

It is of great interest that the Consultant and Trainer workshops will allow those of us who have the responsibility to continue training others in EMDR and those who collaborate so this learning is deepened (consultants and facilitators) to reflect on where we are going in these next few decades. EMDR training goes beyond the acquisition of theoretical knowledge, so we will try to give relevance to other aspects, such as information transmission styles, areas to be developed in training, how to help develop therapeutic skills, and in general, the critical analysis of our activities in order to increase the quality of our trainings.

It is our wish that this meeting among health professional opens the door to future multidisciplinary events, where everyone’s information, experience, and research networks begin to elaborate an interweave of integrated concepts.

We hope to see you in Madrid from July 15th to 17th. We have a date where knowledge will integrate with culture, good food, and entertainment. We will be at an unbeatable location, in the heart of the Spanish capital, at the Congress Palace. The first 100 registrations will enjoy a touristic route of Madrid at night.
We are very excited preparing this event to welcome all of you!

Francisca García. President EMDR Spain.

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