The organizing committee of the 13th EMDR European Conference is seeking submissions from authors wishing to present at our Conference in Madrid. All submissions must be received not later than December 20th, 2011.

Context and Themes

Dear colleagues:

We would like to encourage all interested persons to submit an abstract for the European EMDR Conference that will take place in Madrid in 2012. Madrid is a welcoming city, used to receiving visitors from many different countries and cultures, a good place for an event that wants to share with EMDR Therapy the integrative spirit that characterizes it. The main theme of the Conference is the integration of different cultures, countries, orientations and research, converging in a common meeting point: the various pathways of the mind in the healing of trauma.

Presentations may be clinical, research findings, or theoretical proposals of interest. Integrative presentations on how trauma related symptomatology is linked to the AIP model would be encouraged, in order to incorporate EMDR’s recent contributions within a broad framework of knowledge in trauma and dissociation.

A central element in this Conference is the practical and experiential aspect. Experiential workshops are encouraged, as well as workshops oriented to the therapist’s self-care and the exploration of our own experiences as resources or obstacles in the creation of a productive and enriching therapeutic relationship. In addition, we will encourage the presentation of videos and clinical examples that will help translate the acquired knowledge into daily practice.

The presentations will cover various areas of psychopathology, including a variety of clinical pictures, severe mental disorders, psychosomatic pathologies, severe traumatization and attachment problems. Interventions with children and many other special populations will be addressed in the context of psycho-traumatology and the Adaptive Information Processing model on which EMDR therapy is based.

Conference presentation formats will include symposia (3-4 papers on a related theme), clinical papers, research papers, workshops (60 minutes or half-day workshops) and posters. Information on each of these formats will be available online. Submissions should be original and related with the main topics of this conference, but submissions on a wide range of topics relevant to the field of trauma will also be welcome. Each submission will be rated on its unique strengths and limitations by using multidimensional criteria.

Please read the following guidelines before making submissions

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  1. The closing date and time for all submissions is December 20th, 2011.
  2. English is the official language for abstract submission, if you are interested in presenting in Spanish you can do so, but we need the abstract to be in English.
  3. All submissions must be made online on our website.
  4. All information must be supplied and incomplete submissions may be rejected.
  5. Submission of an abstract implies a commitment to attend the conference if the abstract is accepted. All presenters must register for the meeting within 14 days of being informed that their submission has been accepted.
  6. All abstracts must clearly designate a person who can be contacted regarding the submission, usually the first author.
  7. Research presentations should be original contributions, that have not been published prior to the date the abstract was submitted.
  8. Abstracts may be published in their original form in the Conference Program.
  9. Any case material, including any biographical material, must be disguised to avoid revealing the identity of the patient/client.
  10. Presenters are asked to be aware of potential distress for the audience in their presentations and take precautions.. Therefore, speakers should warn participants at the beginning of a presentation about any potentially disturbing content, and should make explicit that participation in any experiential exercises is entirely voluntary.
  11. The name of the abstract file must be the same as the title of the session.

If there are any questions please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can begin to send your abstract forms electronically using the CALL FOR PAPERS system in or to Dolores Mosquera (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you have difficulties during the online submission.

EMDR Europe Madrid 2012 Conference Scientific Committee

  • Dolores Mosquera (Chair /Spain)
  • Francisca García (President EMDR / Spain)
  • Anabel Gonzalez (Vice President EMDR / Spain)
  • Isabel Fernandez (President EMDR / Italy)
  • Udi Oren (President EMDR Europe/ Israel)
  • Arne Hoffman (Vice President Europe / Germany)
  • Derek Farrell (President EMDR UK & Ireland)
  • Ad de Jongh (NL)
  • Peter Liebermann (Germany)
  • Elan Shapiro (Israel)
  • Isabel Meignant (France)
  • Marian Ponte (Spain)
  • J. Antonio Barbado Alonso (Spain)
  • Mercedes Fernández Valencia (Spain)
  • Jorge Robredo Torres (Spain)
  • Isabel Pinillos (Spain)

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